Friday, June 3, 2011

University District Vintage Hunt

Pink Gorilla 4341 University Way Northeast, Seattle -
(206) 547-5790

This small hunting trip is great because it is a single trip to the Ave. and you can see 2 very good and relatively less known shops that sell retro games.
First stop is the University District shop of Pink Gorilla
The shop is bigger than the International District one but has a lesser feel of Japanese shop, maybe because it has a less amount of Jap games and consoles. Today they had a big room full of bargain and I picked up many manuals for a buck each.
Famicom and Famicom Disk System in the window. Also a 800XL
Rare PSX games

NES / Famicom corner, aka the Akihabara section

Genesis and Master System games, boxed

ohhh a Supercharger game ....

Atari games

A window with a complete Famicom Mini collection.

NEC games (Jap and US)

Bargain section, tons of PS2 and Xbox games

In the bargain section, the manual bin, 1$ each

Also Atari Lynx games, boxed

Al's Music Video & Games 4547 University Way Northeast, Seattle -
(206) 547-3870
Second stop a block north is a used movie / music / video games store, It is an old dusty shop where you would not expect to find much retro systems and games, but you would be wrong. It's a gold mine for retro fans, don't expect to find screaming deals as the owner knows the value of this old junk and price games accordingly, but if you are looking for a specific game, chances are they have it. Stop by also to see their very rare stuff in the various windows, many of them not for sale.

Systems for sale behind the counter
Rare 7800 games
Where else cna you find a bin full of Master System carts and cards ? Many 3D games also

Nintendo boxed games

Famicom games, not many, the shop is more into US games

See ?  Super Nintendo and Genesis games

3DO games next to the Genesis section

Hundreds of Playstation games

Impressive bin of PS2 games, I guess these are the games that they buy back the most now

many many Dreamcast games

$59.99 Moonwalker game anyone ?

NEC games

aka 99 cents sports games

Boxed Famicom, DBX for SFC

Dusty bin of Atari games, not even cheap

TurboGraphx section

Hori GameCube pad

Strange how the dusty shop is almost the most expensive.


  1. Do you have a original NES new, but not boxed up new. just a simple question. thanks.

  2. Nope. I instead for a Japanese Famicom, looks much cooler to me.

  3. Well do you have a NES and SNES combo system?

  4. Both these store have these for sale

  5. Am Wondering of those still on sale and available in stores or not. As I remember Once I discussed something similar on my blog. As well as I specified a space where you can download download roms

  6. Today they had a big room full of bargain and I picked up many manuals for a buck each.

  7. You wouldn't think that there would be many vintage consoles and games at this dingy old store. Check our website ..

  8. Exploring the University District Vintage Hunt was like stepping into a time capsule of style and nostalgia. From retro clothing to antique treasures, every corner held a piece of history waiting to be discovered. It's a gem in the Greater Sydney region, where you can uncover unique finds and unravel stories from the past. Can't wait to go back and unearth more treasures!

  9. Playing this in our cement floor is one of my best childhood memories!