Saturday, November 26, 2016

Dreadnaught Factor INTV is Activision patch #17

A first for this new Activision patch, I used an Intellivision game. I couldn't find another Atari game to beat (there must be some somewhere in my mess, but nothing easily spotable), so I looked or other systems, and ended up with this one.
Dreadnaught Factor Intellivision

This game is really nice, I can see how they jumped on the Star Wars train, destroying these mother ships really look like a death star destruction experience.

I likes the super colorful graphics, the variety of objectives, and the really well dosed difficulty.

About the different ways of beating the game, the goal is to destroy vents in order to make the mother ship overheat (awesome explosion when this happens), and you can simply go for these vents, avoiding shots and flying enemies.  But it gets really hard, so you can try destroying all the shooting guns,  but this can be difficult also. The real way to beat each level is to destroy the command centers, that will reduce the number of shots from the gun, you can then shoot each gun, or just avoid their shots fairly easily.
Image result for dreadnaught factor intellivision

But this is not enough, the ship gets closer to your planet on ever turn, so taking your tie to destroy things methodically is not sufficient. You also need to destroy the reactor to slow down the ship.

In short a great game, each game is different than the previous one.

It took me a week to beat the patch score (beat game on level 4 or up), I am sure a kid could have done it in much less time, but I can't stand the controller for more than 30 minutes at a time.
 The Intellivison controller is really the issue here, while I think it can be fine for games that don't require shooting a lot (BurgerTime is amazing with it), but as soon as there is a lot of shooting needed, these edge buttons are horrible.

GamePatch difficultyGame Rating
FreewayMediumNice game speedy cars, great colors. netter than Frogger 
DragsterMediumWeird game, with 6 seconds gameplay. Super stressful
Laser BlastVery easyBoring and pointless
SkiingMediumScrolling, colors, learning path, awesome game
Pitfall!Very easyClassic, so many screens, animations, colors, it has everything
KaboomHardAwesome, colors, paddle control, in the zone feeling.
Pitfall IIEasyHuge map, so many screens, colors, sound, awesome
Chopper CommandEasySpeed and colors, such a long road from Tank
TennisEasyColorfully boring
MegamaniaEasyLike 8 games in 1, great game
River RaidEasyMy hands.....
Ice HockeyEasyNice sprites.
Oink!HardMy hands.....
BarstormingHardLike a racing game when you go up and down
Ice JinksEasyMeh, looks great
DecathlonEasyFirst try, pole vault is the key, read the manual
Dreadnaught Factor (INTV)MediumIf only the controller was better..