Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sears Heavy Sixer in Tacoma

There is no price, but this shop in Tacoma has a Sears Heavy Sixer for sale now.

Sears Heavy Sixer

Monday, January 9, 2012

Game Gear in T Town

On Craigslist for all the ones who call T Town home,

This is an Original SEGA game gear system. It comes with 2 chargers and 8 games

Super Columns
NBA Action
NFL Quarterback Club 96
EarthWorm Jim
Jeopardy Sports Edition
Lion King
Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Game can also run on 6 AA batteries.

Sega Game Fear and games in case
The Game Gear was weak compared to the gameboy, mainly because of the game selection. Sure they were in colors, but 2 hours battery life sucks and I never like the buttons on that thing. Still I would get this if I lived closer

Friday, January 6, 2012

What a CL day

3 interesting adds today on CraigsList

Interesting bit is the 800 XE which was supposedly only available in Europe.

TRS-80, C84, TI 99, Aquarius, etc - $200 (Arlington)

Here are 2 TRS-80 computers, a Tele-video computer, a Texas Instruments 99, an Aquarius computer, 2 Commodore 64's, 3 desk tops one is 166 mhz intel with 32mb ram etc. Oh yes, a Vic 20 as well. there are three monitors and lots of MSDOS discs and manuals. $200 and you have to take it all.
TRS 80 aka CoCo with disks

Vic 20 C64s Ti 99 4A

Big Lot of Commodore 64 software - $50 (Tukwila)

Here's a large collection of vintage Commodore 64 software on floppy disk. Approximately 200 disks, all originals. These are all non-game disks: word processors, spreadsheets, educational & financial programs, disk demos, print shop, q-link, etc. Maybe 10% of these have the original manuals, and a few have their boxes as well. I think there are also some manuals with no matching disks in there. Sorry, no list of titles available. Almost 60 pounds of vintage 8-bit goodness. There's lots of duplicates, and given their age I'd be willing to bet some of them don't work anymore, so I've priced the lot at $50 (about 25 cents per disk). You must take it all - no cherry picking. In the Tukwila area.

Atari 800 XE (computer/game system) - $100 (Tacoma)

This Atari is in great condition. It has Missle Command built in, and comes with 6 other games: Bug Hunt, Jungle Hunt, One-on-one (basketball), hardball (baseball), and pole position(racing), flight simulator 2. Comes with keyboard, manuals, and the light gun. 

This thing is in excellent condition for being 25 years old (yes, it's an antique). This is any vintage gamer's dream. 

$100 firm, please serious offers only. 
Atari XE carts
Atari 800 XE