Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Crazy game of the week: Incredible Crisis

I read back an old issue of RetroGamer and got interested in the Top 25 psx games. Next to the usual (FFVII and such) was a few gems that I did not know about. I picked them up (eBay gets you anything).
One of the most bizarre is Incredible Crisis (I paid $20), Tondemo Crisis! (とんでもクライシス!?, lit. "Huge Crisis!") in Japan. The game was btought to the US and Europe by Titus (sooo famous for Crazy cars and Crazy Cars 2 :) ). 

it is a collection of mini games happening to a japanese family, starting with granma's birthday, and the dad doing some Parappa moves.  I got stuck early (second game), but I will get back to it soon. 
Incredible Crisis PSX