Monday, November 28, 2011

my mathiputer

The fact that it does not work correctly may explain my math issues. Still waiting to find a working one as these look terrific.

Cybernetics Mathiputer

Cybernetics Mathiputer tag

Cybernetics Mathiputer right answer

Cybernetics Mathiputer porn

Cybernetics Mathiputer back of motherboard

Cybernetics Mathiputer close up

Cybernetics Mathiputer more chips

Cybernetics Mathiputer close up motherboard

Cybernetics Mathiputer motherboard corner

Thursday, November 17, 2011

AtarCode posters are ready

AtarCode poster are vintage video game poster of classic Atari games created using the original game code. The bigger the poster the better it looks since you can spend hours reading the original commented code.

They are available in the AtarCode Shop

Pitfall Atarcode

River Raid AtarCode

ET AtarCode

Combat AtarCode

AtarCode close up of Atari 2600 code

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There is still hope

I haven't found anything interesting both in term of uniqueness of value on CraigSlist for a while, and today this happened  ....

Free to a good home. 3 complete Amiga computer systems, 1 A3000 with CyberGrafx card, 1 A3000 040 and 1 Amiga 500, all fully working with 1920 monitor for A500 and VGA monitor for A3000. Tons of software and accessories, Kickstart floppies and manuals for everything (huge box). Too many things to list but digitizer pad for A500, DS Sound studio, Scala, Deluxepaint, Imagine, videograbbers, etc. Must take all and haul. Not willing to ship due to total volume and weight involved.

I'll go to bremerton for this.
I'll swim there

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kensington System Saver for my Apple II

Here is something I never got as a kid, and probably would never had spent any money on, but I found them a little common when you find an Apple II for sale somewhere. The "System Saver" is combined cooling fan/surge protector for the Apple II; it became an instant hit with 200,000 units sold.

I am not sure this is really needed in term of cooling (Jobs was a huge fan of fanless, so the machine was designed to work without it, but I like the extra plugs to connect a monitor, one less cable to run to the wall and an easy on off button.

Here some pics of my system saver

Kensington System Saver for my Apple II

Kensington System Saver Fan

Kensington System Saver Plugs for other devices

Kensington System Saver from the top

Kensington System Saver fancy cables Apple II

It's on !!