Friday, October 28, 2011

Boulder Dash on Atari 2600

Amazingly, Andrew Davie and Thomas Jentzsch, in association with  First Star Software, Inc. release a video of the first level of their Atari 2600 part of Boulder Dash.
It looks amazing, one of the most visually impressive Atari 2600 game I have seen.

Boulder Dash Atari 2600
See the video right here.

The game will be available only as a cartridge (with professionally printed box and manual) in time for Christmas 2011, with a purchase price of $75 USD. Pre-ordering will be available soon.

The plan is to manufacture 250 copies, so get it fast.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

ArmChairArcade interview with Josh Mandel from Sierra's old time

ArmChairArcade has an interview of Josh Mandel who worked on various old Sierra stuff and talks about the switch to point and click in adventure games.

"In this first segment of my interview with Sierra designer Josh Mandel, we chat about how Josh got his start, remaking King's Quest, Zeliard, Leisure Suit Larry, Laffer Utilities, and much more. We also talk about the difference between creating puzzles for parsers vs. point-and-clicks. Josh thinks the latter was a dumbing down with grave consequences for the genre."

Josh Mandel