Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stop what you doing, Dino Dini did a Kick Off post mortem at GDC Europe 2013

Of all the games that made me take the subway back home at 6 AM on Sunday mornings, Kick off is one of the most memorable. And it is also funny how while this is still in everyone's memory (at least any European kid from that area), we all quickly forgot how hard this game was, with the ball not sticking to the player's feet.  I remember in no order
- Learning how to shoot instead of pass because the ball would move faster
- Killing Red Star at the half time of OM-Red Star 1991 CL final
- Lob shots from the center of the field
- Little taps on the joystick to get the best angle in front of the keeper
- The Final Whistle extension, too hard for anyone
- Playing WC90 with Cameroon because the player's dots would be invisible on the radar screen (green on green)
- Challenge to 100 goals in kick Off 1, where the keeper would start moving backward after a while

I built an Amiga machine recently and this was the first game I booted, and this is how I realized how hard the game was.

Kick Off Amiga
Kick Off 2 Amiga

Kick Off 2

Dino Dini who is repsonsible for this master piece, did a post mortem at GDC Europe, and here is the recording