Friday, April 6, 2012

Or this one

Huge lot on Craigslist today. Seems like consoles from early 200s though, nothing really exciting unless there are old games in these 10 bins.  Another story of Storage Wars ?

HUGE collection of vintage video game consoles. Including: Atari, Atari 2600, Atari Plug N'Play, Gamecubes, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Snes and Nes. Controllers, cords, adapters, multi-taps, all sorts of peripherals(guns, controllers, etc.), way too much to list. Will sell the whole lot., 32 nintendo 64 consoles, 11 sega genesis, 5 sega genesis 16 bit, 5 sony play station, 10 sony ps1, 3 cubes, 1 gamegear, 10 or more atari and pong ect. 10 bins of controllers, power supplies and misc. stuff. 1 bin of misc remotes for tv dvd stereos vcr ect. Easily double or more your money on ebay. Take it all

Storage with consoles.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A few things on Craigslist

Nothing I wold want to get for that price, but at least there are some stuff for whoever wants to start a collection. The Kiosk below is probably the best deal. Could be pretty cool if only my garage was 3 times bigger

A Saturn Store Kiosk  $95 here

Vintage Sega Demo includes cabinet, 10" TV and lockable drawer. Great for game room. 
Sega Saturn Store Kiosk

2 Saturns for $10 here
Up for sale are two sega saturn game consoles. One turns on, but seems to need a new motor, the other does not turn on. There may be a working console between the two of them.
Sega Saturn

A boxed TI 99 4/A  $50  here
This computer come in the original box with power cord and other cords. It is untested, but looks to be in nice condition. 
image 0
Boxed Ti 99/4A

 2 Vintage C64 + 1541 drivers $100  here
Here is two old Commodore 64 computers, both come in the original box and with a 1541 disk drive. Everything powers up, but is untested past that. One of the 1541 disk drives has a little cracking up front. They all come with their power cords and some other cords. Also included, but not pictured are 2 Modem 300s, one in the box. They are untested.  
C64 + 1541 in boxes