Sunday, April 10, 2011

(quite) early production Atari VCS unit on Ebay

Look at this auction on eBay, everything looks very cool and the boxes all look great. Even though the console has 6 switches, is is not the rarest Atari VCS type around, you can tell because the box does not include the Chess symbol like this one (but $999 for an Atari VCS ....)

Regardless, I really like this lot, it is now at $65 + shipping which makes it too much for me, but it wold really look cool in a museum shelve. Surely better than my Sears 4 switches :)

nice, really nice. It is probably from 1977 or 1978.


  1. I'm pretty sure this is like the one we had before we got the NES. It came from my step-father's family, so I don't know if they had bought it new or used.

  2. You had one with 6 switches? Cool. They moved to 4 switches after a couple of years and replaced the last 2 by some sliding buttons on the edge to chose between easy and hard level.