Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bellevue / Kirkland vintage hunt

When on the Eastside, go to Eastside shops for your vintage fix.
PC Recycle Bellevue
13107 NE 20th
Bellevue, WA 98005
(425) 881-4444

First stop, the Bellevue PC Recycle shop. This shop is smaller than the typical PC Recycle shops, but not less clustered with crap(tastic?) junk. As expected not much to see in term of vintage games or computers there as the shop is more specialized in previous generation technology. Lots of Pentium IIIs and Vista Ready laptops to be seen. Not the best experience with the clerk either, but that could be me.
Cheap dusty PlayStation and Xbox

Your typical Guitar Hero/Rock Band peripherals

a Radio Shack escapee. CCR-82 TRS 80 cassette player.

Play N Trade Kirkland
11308 Northeast 124th Street
Kirkland, WA 98034
(425) 242-4544

Next stop up north in Kirkland the Kirkland Play N Trade shop. I rarely go to the Play N Trade shops, but I should visit them often. There is a very slim chance to find something really rare there, but you cna always find a truckload of games that make you feel good. It is actually a very decent place to find last generation games from a year ago, very cheap and many many deals
Intellivision II, nice white box

$100 boxed Odyssey 2 ...ouch

SNES games

N64 games

NES Games

Genesis games boxed or not

Many VCS carts, many dupes

Games games games

Odyssey 2 games, boxed

Light gun clone for your NES

Dreamcast games

Intellivision, chose your space game

Amazing heroes
11232 120th Ave NE #108, Kirkland -(425) 889-5999
Last stop was one of the most interesting in the Seattle area, it was at Amazing Heroes in Kirkland. That shop has been around for years it is heaven for 80's and 90's nostalgic. It is filed with video game sand action figure (read Star Wars everything) from back then.  Other fans stopped there during the last PAX and posted a video on youtube. I find the place really amazing, hundreds of game sfor all consoles and good prices, I just find it too easy to buy games there, I'd rather go to less specialized shops or hunt in garage sales.
TRS80 games, I rarely see these 
Boxed Telegames #27

Famicom games, I got the Tsubasa game ($5) for myself

Nes  Nes Nes

Lynx II and games

Somewhat rare Atari games

First generation US PSX

As many N64 as possible

many boxed cosnoles

More NES games

Look at the nice Intellivision boxed int he center

Genesis games

Earthbound, $300.  .....

Genesis crap

Sega CD Saturn games

Very few PC Engine and Turbografx games

Original Nintendo 3DS prorotype

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