Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There is still hope

I haven't found anything interesting both in term of uniqueness of value on CraigSlist for a while, and today this happened  ....

Free to a good home. 3 complete Amiga computer systems, 1 A3000 with CyberGrafx card, 1 A3000 040 and 1 Amiga 500, all fully working with 1920 monitor for A500 and VGA monitor for A3000. Tons of software and accessories, Kickstart floppies and manuals for everything (huge box). Too many things to list but digitizer pad for A500, DS Sound studio, Scala, Deluxepaint, Imagine, videograbbers, etc. Must take all and haul. Not willing to ship due to total volume and weight involved.

I'll go to bremerton for this.
I'll swim there

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