Thursday, December 8, 2011

Magnavox Odyssey Run 1 in Gig Harbor

Spotted a Run 1 Magnavox Odyssey for sale on Craigslist, in Gig Harbor.  $150 (or reasonable trade) , and it comes naked, steeep

Attention all video game collectors who wish to expand your collection with the oldest and rarest of consoles. I have for sale or trade the original video game system ever made for home entertainment released in 1972, 5 years before the Atari 2600. It is extremely rare and a prized possession of mine, but is taking up space. It has both of the original controllers and unit itself. there are no wires however for power or video cable for the tv. i do not have any games either. what you see in the pictures is everything i have. this is a downfall for sure, but its so incredibly hard to find these things that you cannot expect perfection. it is a Run 1, which means it was the first production of this console, which makes it even more rare. it is literally the oldest of old. 340,000 Odysseys were sold between 1972-1975, of those 340,000, only 130,000 were produced in 1972 (RUN1). It has not been tested, but i would have complete confidence that it works when supplied with the correct cords, old video game consoles were built tough and of good quality. if anyone has any questions or would like to offer a reasonable trade, send me a message. thanks for looking. Jeff

Run-1 Magnavox Odyssey

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