Thursday, April 5, 2012

A few things on Craigslist

Nothing I wold want to get for that price, but at least there are some stuff for whoever wants to start a collection. The Kiosk below is probably the best deal. Could be pretty cool if only my garage was 3 times bigger

A Saturn Store Kiosk  $95 here

Vintage Sega Demo includes cabinet, 10" TV and lockable drawer. Great for game room. 
Sega Saturn Store Kiosk

2 Saturns for $10 here
Up for sale are two sega saturn game consoles. One turns on, but seems to need a new motor, the other does not turn on. There may be a working console between the two of them.
Sega Saturn

A boxed TI 99 4/A  $50  here
This computer come in the original box with power cord and other cords. It is untested, but looks to be in nice condition. 
image 0
Boxed Ti 99/4A

 2 Vintage C64 + 1541 drivers $100  here
Here is two old Commodore 64 computers, both come in the original box and with a 1541 disk drive. Everything powers up, but is untested past that. One of the 1541 disk drives has a little cracking up front. They all come with their power cords and some other cords. Also included, but not pictured are 2 Modem 300s, one in the box. They are untested.  
C64 + 1541 in boxes

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