Monday, July 28, 2014

That guy made my garage a better place

Larry Kaplan, kaboom, Activision
After yesterday's fiasco with Laser Blast, I tried Kaboom for the first time today, and 1 1/2 hr later I can safely say that this game is awesome. Very simplistic game, it has that the ability to put you in a trans feeling where you don't really get why you hand is moving the paddle but it does, and the score keeps inflating. I am at 2500 points, so the 3000 points necessary for getting the patch seem reachable, I will try again this week.
I am wondering if I need to WD40 my paddles, I wonder if this will help. Best 0.99 cts at Goodwill so far

Kaboom Atari 2600
2522 points, on the way to 3000 ?

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