Monday, October 6, 2014

Seattle trip, Goodwill and RePC

Busy for work but with a couple of hours to kill, I stopped by the bug Goodwill on Dearborn, and found a lot of interesting things. Including Sony PVM monitors, and many consoles.
Goodwill Game Gear

Goodwill Atari Carts

More Goodwill  Atari Carts

Guitar Hero collection in box at Goodwill

Goodwill Ganesis

Goodwill Wii boards and DJ Hero, boxed

Shy Goodwill GameCubes, NES phaser

Goodwill NES

Goodwill Guitar Hero in box

Goodwill Sony Monitors

IBM PC Jr at Goodwill 
then I stopped at RePC, which besides from its museum is dead zone when it comes to classics (they sell on eBay), but they did have a wall (double pane at least) of Xbox and Xbox 360 for $5.
Xbox wall at RePC

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