Thursday, February 7, 2019

Apple II #2068, Rev0 all original

Long time ...

So I found this in the wild the last day of 2017. It was offered to me as a non working machine with the purchase of a II+.

Took it to Bainbridge Island to get it fixed, there were only a few chips that were causing issues.  Everything was original when I got it, and almost everything stayed original when it was revived.

I sold it as I didn't have a use, and price are crazy enough on these machines, and it is now in the hands of a very well known Apple collector. here are the pictures I took while selling it, I just didn't want to lose them.

It was in a a very nice condition, very little paint chips. I got it with a lot of other computers at the same time, the owner was an early enthusiast, very nice conditions most of them.


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