Saturday, August 6, 2011

Commodore 1701 monitor $15

Today on Craigslist.  Grab one if you don't have one already.  That is the perfect monitor for most of your retro junk

The Commodore 1701 makes a fantastic video monitor. These are used, with some cosmetic dings on the case, but these are very sturdy ...and they all work fine.

I have four of them for sale (photo shows 3 of the 4) at $15 each. Would prefer to sell all at once.

Front input for audio and video, controls are all on front panel. You can tilt the monitor back 90 degrees for easy viewing ...I used them on location video shoots with the monitor on the floor beside my tripod. Makes a good desktop monitor too!

Commodore 1701 monitor, perfect companion


  1. Please contact me ASAP because I'd love to rent or borrow a 1701 monitor for a photoshoot today. I'm the original inventor of "Sword of Fargosl" for the Commodore 64 and you can reach me through my contact page at

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