Saturday, August 13, 2011

NukeWar and MSFT Retro Gaming Get Together

Japanese Famicom with disc drive .  Rhoooo
Today I attended my first Get Together with the retro gaming folks here at MSFT. I saw a bunch of interesting set ups and was able to discuss things that matters to me and others in the room. Here are some things I remember
- I was able to test my Japanese Famicom using the system in place today, it works fine.  Regarding the system that was setup, I loved using the disc drive, I need to get my hands on one of these.
- I saw a very nice C64 bread box. Not only the case was spotless and the keyboard very responsive, it had JiffyDos installed, a reset button and a drive emulator using an SD card integrated into the chassis of the machine !! very cool
- I saw a LaserActive, working. First one I could see in years
- Pawel demonstrated his plugin for Visual Studio that allows 6502 programming and compiling very cool to see code for Atari 8 bits or C64
- MegaSts are pretty cool but take too much space for me

6502 assembler programming in Visual Studio 2010

Jeff and his Atari Mega ST with SD based HDD and SD based floppy !!

River Raid on C64 with cool arcade like joystick

Mega ST with HxC floppy emulator

Setting up the LaserActive machine


NukeWar on C64

NeoCD with Baseball stars

The free to a good home table .....

- I also discovered NukeWar, the C64 Avalon Hill game and played a few games later on that evening on Vice64 (I need to get my hands on a proper physical copy).
NukeWar, Avalon Hill for most 8bits systems
From Moby games: The time is the late 20th century. You and a neighboring country have developed a nuclear capability. Your neighbor's sole objective is to utterly annihilate you. As the tension mounts while you are conducting espionage, building bombers,missiles,submarines and anti ballistic missiles either you or your neighbor launch a pre-emptive first strike.The nuclear destruction continues until either all weapons are expended or a truce is negotiated. Victory is determined by population remaining and world political opinion which is usually against the side that started the war. If both sides lose enough people neither will win.

Old rivalry, NukeWar Avalon Hill C64

the great war of 1974, NukeWar Avalon Hill C64

oh shit !!  , NukeWar Avalon Hill C64

Tell him to stuck a bratwurst up is ass, NukeWar Avalon Hill C64

As it should be, NukeWar Avalon Hill C64

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