Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vintage Amiga 500 with lots of extras - $150

Amiga 500 and peripherals
Worth looking t for someone into a A500 with games. Somehow, I am not attracted to Amiga game boxes, so I'd rather have a HDD full of games at my disposal. That's why I got a A1200 with a CF HDD.

But for true 1990 revival, look at this add:

Amiga 500 disks !!
Holy F****** S*** an Amiga 500! Just like in the 80's! What's that? It comes with Hundreds of floppy disks full of software AND it works! I can play Marble Madness, Lemmings and others. Wow! Included in this amazing offer from the past is: 

1 full setup, extra floppy drive, mouse, joystick, power supply. (No Monitor, sorry.)
Tons of games, software and manuals, seriously so much software. 
Once in a lifetime offer of tons of old school Amiga stuff.
For full effect watch ALF while playing Bee Gee Air Rally. 

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