Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sylvania Intellivision at the end of late video game hunt trip

I left this evening with the hope of finding something great.

First stop was at the Mercer Island Thrift Store where typically you don't find anything old, but you find last gen stuff at great prices. Or high end Hi-Fi equipment that the great folks of Mercer Island discarded.

Mercer Island Thrift Store 7710 Se 34th St, Mercer Island, WA 98040(206) 236-3625
of Wii remotes for $1 a piece, well anything. This time, it seems that they are a little savvy, and they prices all the PSX, PS2, Xbox video games at $8. There was a lot but nothing really interesting for this price,

Then I followed to the big Seattle Goodwill on S Lane St.
Seattle Goodwill
1400 S Lane St, Seattle(206) 860-5711
I like this GW because it has huge rows of electronics, many tvs, vcrs, Tivos etc..    There is rarely anything crazily unique, but at least it is fun, and sometimes you find stuff like tonight. In the middle of printer alley, there was a Sylvania Intellivision, the rare version of the console. $9.99
I bought it home, gave it a good clean up and it works great.

I passed on the $24.99 Xbox

Printer Alley, 40-50 printers in a row.

America, you are getting fat.
Your Wii Fit boards are at Goodwill

Rock Star is not as cool as what it used to be, a dozen of Guitar Hero instruments

Genesis games, in box, but only sports one

Big Box Commandos Behind Enemy Line.

Sylvania Intellivision

Sylvania Intellivision

Sylvania Intellivision playing astrosmash

Sylvania Intellivision

Sylvania Intellivision

Sylvania Intellivision

Sylvania Intellivision

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