Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another trip to the Living Computer Museum

Took another trip to the LCM last week end. Since my last visit, a few things changed, some pieces got moved, and a large amount of space was given to computer real people grew up with (PDPs are cool, but don't talk to me like an Apple II does).  they still have that huge backroom dedicated to early 80s mainframes, it is a cool room, but I wonder if they could use the space in a better way.
It is nice to see that they setup pretty much every classic computer with flagship games and let people play with them. I was happy to play with a Sol20 (that I only knew from the Byte ads). made me want to get one one day.  See pictures below.
An interesting thing was that most of the games were not on original disks, Now that make the experience even more real, but I was surprised to see something like this there.

Amiga 500 at the Living Computer Museum, along with a set of non original disks

A 486 PC at the Living Computer Museum playing Little Big Adventure

Commodore 128 at the Living Computer Museum

IBM PC at the Living Computer Museum

Classic book library (my garage has more :) )

Cool PET at the Living Computer Museum

Atari Pong, that is not even classified as computer AFAIK

Atari 800 and Donkey Kong at the Living Computer Museum

Atari 400 the Living Computer Museum and a shoe box of carts

Vic 20 at the Living Computer Museum, playing Sargon II from a cart

Commodore 64 at the Living Computer Museum, with Lode Runner

IBM PC Jr at the Living Computer Museum with some king quest game

Original Mac + and empty box to see signatures, at the Living Computer Museum

The Microsoft Corner the Living Computer Museum

C128 at the Living Computer Museum with multiplan

Lisa at the Living Computer Museum

Apple IIe with Summer Games at the Living Computer Museum

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