Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Activision patch #5, Pitfall !! I am a natural

Yep, still no Kaboom .... Although I consistently hit 2000 + mark, I still can not get to the 3000 points.

So Pitfall.... First game in 30 years and I exploded the patch score (20 000 points), with a whopping 79840 points.
Not much to say about this attempt, as I wrote, first try, I was done after 4 minutes, the rest of the game (20 minutes total), I tried to go as far as possible. This really felt easy to do, I know that finishing the game is not easy on the other side, I did not try this. Finishing Pitfall! should be a topic for a
post series one day, how to complete Pitfall!, I already know that you have to go left and not right, like for any other platformer, and making a map of the tunnels is key.
I remember buying this game for Christmas, with my grandparents, and convincing them that waiting for Christmas day was silly, so I should play it right away. I also saw a Compumate that day, back when I thought that my Atari would one day become a computer of some sort (to do what, who know). The outcome of this is that I now only have Kaboom and Enduro to beat, then I will really need to win some eBay auctions to get games like Frostbite, Chopper Command, Megamania etc...
Compumate for Atari 2600

I remember Pitfall as a deep game with many levels that no 8 year old (in my mind) would ever finish, I discovered that it is also very nice, the colors are vibrant, a typical Activision theme. And the reason why I am a late bloomer to Activision colors is because I grew up with that F'ed up Secam color system, were the Atari 2600 could only produce 8 colors (!!!) as opposed to 128 in NTSC, it makes a big difference,
Darrel Spice made a great comparison on his site, see below. This is crazy, but I did not know better back then, you lucky bastards in America.
PAL 8 colors
NTSC 128 colors
So fifth patch, my collection is starting to look like something

Pitfall! patch Activision Atari

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