Thursday, August 14, 2014

Activision patch #7 Pitfall II, oh yeah...

I just got a bunch of carts from GW, and I actually beat 3 patch scores in one evening, so I have post material for the days to come.
Pitfall II Atari 2600
First one is Pitfall II. I remember this one when it came out,
I bought it, played it a lot,  kid of finished it, but I am not sure what finishing this game means as you seem to be able to continue for ever, albeit losing points. Again an amazing technical game on the VCS, colors, sound (using a special chip), unique feature like respawn places, and so many different enemies. I just don't like the box, not flashy enough, I guess they were trying to showcase the new maturity in their games, an I think it worked (for me) ack then, but I still prefer the colorful rainbows on the first Activision boxes. So beating the 100 000 mark was not too hard, but I did have practice from 25 years ago.  Beating this game and the 2 others that evening made me realize that I should capture the easiness of getting patches, and my initial impression of the game, so adding a table now.
100 000 points+ patch Pitfall II

110 877 points and counting

GamePatch difficultyGame Rating
FreewayMediumNice game speedy cars, great colors. netter than Frogger 
DragsterMediumWeird game, with 6 seconds gameplay. Super stressfull
Laser Blast Very easy Boring and pointless
SkiingMediumScrolling, colors, learning path, awesome game
Pitfall! Very easyClassic, so many screens, animations, colors, it has everything
Kaboom HardAwesome, colors, paddle control, in the zone feeling.
Pitfall IIEasyHuge map, so many screens, colors, sound, awesome

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