Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back when basic games were the top

I recently found some games on tapes from Avalon Hill, usually more famous for its board games.
I find these games fascinating on many levels.

For one they all have cool games like: Midway Campaign or Panzers East the kind of name that do not sound made up, they say, we are the real thin.  AH focused on the genre that were relevant with they board games, so most of these games are wargames and some type of RPG like Telengard the first famous dungeon crawling game (written by Daniel Lawrence)which apparently is better than sex for many.  Avalon Hill still exits and did not change much in term of publishing strategy.

Technically, it is fun to see that most of these are programmed using Basic (often with a short assembler program as well), you can read Telengard's basic program listing here, commented by Dan Boris. Back in the days, writing in basic would get you a contract with a major game publisher ....  And, each tape contains 4 versions of the game, for different computers !!  Atari 400/800, Apple II, Commodore Pet, TRS-80 first, then Commodore 64 instead of Pet for the later games.

I am keeping that Telengard game for demoing my Atari 800. And I'll keep looking for the tape of Acquire, my favorite AH board game.

Gaming after 40 post on this subject.


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