Friday, March 4, 2011

Today, Sonic 2 costs $4

Starting to compile a list of all the places to go to to find some retro games and machines, I went to 4 stores today and found .... nothing.

First Stop,  Deseret Industries on Aurora

17935 Aurora Ave  Shoreline, WA 98133-4816 (206) 542-9447
If for whatever reason you end up so much north of Seattle, stop by this Thrift Store, I often find some interesting things there. Today there was nothing, except Sonic 2 for $4.

 Then I stopped at St Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, also on Aurora

13555 Aurora Avenue North, Seattle  - (206) 364-8495
They sometimes have games there, next to their huge book section.  Today there was Sonic 2 for $4 (!), a lonesome SNES cart and some Master System carts. Nothing interesting, really.

Third stop, again on Aurora, GameTown, This is not a thrift store, but a real store who is specialized in video games from all area. You'll find everything from Atari carts tot he recent X360 games.
9901 Aurora Ave N  Seattle, WA 98103

Nothing that blew my mind today, but by far the most enjoyable stop of the day, as I was surrounded by vintage games and consoles.
A boxed (minus the hole) Atari 5200. I have to find one these one day.
Lot of 2500/7800 carts lose. If you look for something in particular, they have a large selection

More Atari carts
The Sega section, Genesis, 32X and Master System games, in boxes

Sega section continues, including more Master System and Genesis
NES section, I bet it is the most popular of the oldies
More NES, boxed games this time.
NES again, was this system popular or something ?
Nintendo section with SNES, N64 and GC games all in boxes
Boxed and lose SNES games.

Fourth stop of the day,  Value Village
8532 15th Avenue Northwest, Seattle (206) 783-4648
I used to find great things randomly there, but they recently changed their policies on what to keep and what to send elsewhere (??), so it is getting more difficult to find good stuff. Today I saw a few consoles, waiting to be picked up
Weird pricing strategy

Last stop of the day,Goodwill in Balard
6400 8th Avenue Northwest, Seattle  (206) 957 - 5544
Nothing there either, except a $12.99 Genesis with Jurassic Par, and a $2.99 NHL '94 cart
NHL '94 is considered the best of them all

Short story of the day, I haven't see anything great, but it was a good day for Sonic 2 fans.

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