Sunday, March 27, 2011

That Commodore deal from CL

was crappy, nothing interesting in it, except some Loadstar discs, I have to investigate this disc based C64 magazine one day.  But more interesting, I managed to get a Commodore 128-D out of this deal, and it was my first time with this quite remarkable machine, that is sometimes mentioned as the best 8-bit computer ever.

It is pretty heavy, thanks to the metal case, and really looks live a nice "MACesque" machine, I guess this is what Commodore was shooting for. Mine is not complete as it doe snot have the detachable keyboard, so I'll wait until I find a complete one to do a real test, but the RGB connector looks very promising.

Fancy metal beige mat case

1571 drive in the chassis

Plugs, the middle one is for the keyboard, why so complicated ?

ID card

RGB connector !!

Leftover of a store(?) sticker. a 206 number, whoohoo !!

Top view, kind of a Star Wars admiral vessel

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