Saturday, March 5, 2011

A complete Adams computer on eBay

If you are looking for an Adam, this is  pretty neat lot.  I don't remember seeing the disk drive and so many floppies for the Adams. I will look fore the final price and update the post. Nice pics included of the drive and from inside the Adam. I am looking online, and the disk drive seems very difficult to find, no other one on eBay at that time for example. 

The auction is for a stand alone Adam computer(there is also an add-on to the Colecovision version available) and many other things.
  • Colecovision Adam Computer System
  • Colecovision Adam Disk Drive (1)
  • Colecovision Disk Drive (2)
  • Colecovision Smart Writer Printer
  • Colecovision Keyboard
  • Eve Electronis Systems Modem Model SP-1 (Not Tested)
  • 2 Game Cartridges (Super Action Football & Super Action Baseball)
  • 2 Colecovision Basic Paddle & Numberpad Joysticks
  • 2 Colecovision Super Action Joystick Controllers
  • Lots of Various Floppies
  • Lots Of Various Cassettes (Including Zaxxon, And Buck Rogers Games)
  • Various User Manuals And Guides
  • Dust Covers For Computer, Keyboard, And Printer
  • 3 Printer Ribbons
  • 2 Print Elements

The Adam beige controllers

Inside the machine, pretty empty, this is where the Colecovision would fit if it was an expansion module
The Disk drive

I didn't even know there was so many disks available for the Adam

The Adam version of Zaxxon and Buck Rogers
The CPM box is pretty common

What is this ?

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