Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pink Gorilla

Interestingly, Seattle has one of the best video game store outside of Akihabara, and that is Pink Gorilla in the International District (also another store on the ave).
The place is packed with hundreds of games, often at good prices, including special editions of Metal Gear Solid GC or Winning Eleven for the PSP. If you have never been to Tokyo, you have a miniature of the Akihabara shops here, loose carts in plastic bags hanging from the walls, and rare specila versions of consoles and games.

In general I am always worried for shops that sell such specific items for so little, I feel that there is no way for them to survive, but Pink Gorilla have been around for years, so Seattle must be a good market for these things.

I also like the people working there, always ready to demo Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan. 
Seeing the clerk play the game flawlessly while handing the NDS upside down to let me see the screen haunted me for months, it is clear that I suck at these games, but I wish I could play upside down.

For someone visiting Seattle, this is a must see, you can skip the Market and spend your time here.

Looking for a Panasonic Q ? or the
Or an Intellivision ? a Fairchild ?
Super Famicom games, good prices (except the $20 MarioKart)
Atari games, too expensive
Famicom and Famicom disc games.  I used to see Famicom Disk Systems in the shop
Jap Saturn games,  Nights !! .........
PCE & Super CD games. Top right is Super Formation Soccer that used to be $100 back in the days .... now $5
More PCE games

US games Playstation large boxes and SNES
A bunch of US NES games

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