Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finally ....

Finally, two things.

First - I found the Atari 810 to complete my Atari 800 collection. I still have to try it, but it turns on nicely when I plug it in, so I have hope. Best part of it ?  It came in the middle of a huge Atari offer on CL that I landed for not much.  I only have Temple of Asphai to try, so next task is to find more Atari game discs.  For whatever reason they seem to be  much less common than C64 discs or Apple II discs on CL.  I am sure I can spend a lot for them on eBay, but where is the fun in that ?

Any advice on what I should look for before testing it ?

There was also a (boxed) 1050 drive in the lot, but it does not match the look of the Atari 800 and the Atari 410, so unless the 810 does not work, I don't intend to keep the 1050.  I'll post pictures of the rest of the lot soon

Second - I finally started this blog, I truly hope I will be able to follow up on it and posts for many months, years,  let's see.

And here is the manual

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